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HornyFishing -
Tips for Man

Empty Mailbox? Having trouble hooking up?

Here are some tips to help.

1) Post good pictures! – Put up recent, clear, close-up pictures of yourself. There’s no greater feeling than meeting that perfect-person-for-you. But there’s no worse feeling than getting to the door and finding out that’s not really the person in the photo. Show the real you up close and personal. You’ll love the response you get. (Sure, we want to see those photos of you parachuting or hanging ten in Hawaii, but make sure they come after you’ve posted the clear ones first).

2) No Form letters! – Come on, be original. People don’t want to read a long, impersonal memo that you’ve emailed to everyone online. It’s not gonna work. Take the time to read someone’s profile. Find something that interests or intrigues you about them, and comment on it. Who knows what kind of conversation you can spark.

3) Correct your spelling! – You want to meet intelligent, thoughtful people. They do too. If you don’t know how to spell something, break out the dictionary. OK, the occasional error is tolerable, but people can spot a pattern starting to evolve. By the way, “You’re” = You are. “Your” = belonging to you.

4) No Rude Emails! – Please refrain from sending rude or sexually charged remarks when introducing yourself. Once you find out more about the other person, and you know they’re comfortable with you, then by all means fire away. But if you’re looking to score points, then looking to score too fast may not be the best option.

5) The Big Delete! When you send someone an email and they delete you without responding, don’t take it personally. They just don’t like you! We’re only kidding. Remember that people are extremely busy. And especially women get bombarded with emails. People sometimes don’t have time to read them all, let alone respond to every single one. So don’t take offense. And don’t leave a nasty note it makes you look too insecure to date. Also, remember this: People are attracted to other people for a variety of reasons, most of which we can’t explain ourselves. So chill out, move on and look for someone who will appreciate the real you. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Happy fishing!

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