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About me
Age 49 Marital Status Divorced
Gender Woman Has Children One
Location Grandview, MO Birth Date July 7th
Height 5’5” Born/Raised on a farm in Mo.
BodyType Thin Would you date someone with children? Yes
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual Ethnicity / Race: White / Caucasian
Religion: Christian Occupation: Restaurant / Catering
Looking for: It depends Sign: Cancer
Color of eyes: Blue gray Color of hair: Dirty Blonde
Style of hair: Long straight hair Looks: Above average
Live in: Condo Lives: With Pet(s)
Education level: Some college Annual income: $25 – $35 k US
Sense of humor: I’m very funny In shape? I could be in better shape
Importance of religion: Not religious Goes out: Mainly on weekends
Longest relationship: More than 5 years Sex is: Important
Drinks? Rarely Smokes? Yes
I’m Seeking
Gender Man Age 40-56
Who lives up to 100 miles away Marital Status Single, Divorced, Widow(er)
BodyType Proportional, Extra padding, A tad overweight , Broad Build Height Over 5’10”
Online dating personals
Online dating personals
Online dating personals
Online dating personals
Online dating personals
Online dating personals

Honest, Jealous, Sensitive, Determined, Diplomatic, Humorous, Procrastinator, Witty, Generous, Communicative, Sarcastic, Bubbly, Talkative, Confident, Loyal, Curious, Stubborn, Irritable, Self-critical, Insecure, Vain, Independent, Reserved, Optimistic, Social, Self-controlled, Strong Will-power, Selective
Tell about yourself – your personality, lifestyle, etc.
Im somwhat social, but only when I feel comfortable, I like meeting new people and hearing their differences, whatever they may be, Im a people person
I am also a hombody, I like to be at home most of the time, and then its still a fun outing when I go out, I dont like to be on the move all the time, work and life in general mandate that we rush, hurry go get em, My time is to be enjoyed at whatever pace I want at the time

What kind of person are you interested in meeting?
I want to meet a man who is young at heart, MUST have a very
healthy sense of humor, You better make me laugh!!! I love tall men with a few extra pounds. dont take themselves too seriously , be comfortable with who they are

What sort of relationship would you like at this point in your life.
steady, long term but with lots of room
Does that make sense????????

Name some of your all-time favorite music / movies / TV / books.
Rear Window all time favorite movie
So many books, so little time I have lots of favs

What type of work do you do? Do you enjoy it?
Bartender at private club,the clubs members are mostly over 55 and the members and wives are involved in many charities and fundraisers, we have dart leagues, shuffleboard, we play porker, Texas hold em, cribbage, poll, etc, I’m also a member I am a people person and I love it

What do you enjoy doing for fun?
reading, playing pool, watching movies, darts, boardgames, cards, pc games, BBQ with friends,fishing, boating, I enjoy many things, The company I have doing them is what matters

What do you hate doing?
getting up early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Tell about where you grew up or where you are from.
I grew up on a farm 8 miles outside of a town with a population of 1200!!!! Boy was I sheltered!and protected!!and controled. there are many good things about that upbringing, but try to tell me that when I was 15!!!

Do you have pets? Tell about them.
I said once, that I own a cat, to be more correct, he owns me, D.A. is the only cat I have ever co-habited with, I have never really been around a cat much before, so most of the things that he does I view as special, yes I guess he is my second child, and he is very special and unique

What would you say is your best virtue?
I am honest, loyal, and all aroung good gal, thats not one virtue is it? Okay, so I cheat.

What was the most daring / wild thing you have ever done?
I have no idea, I mean Ive done some wild stuff, but mostly just stupid, when I was younger and bullet proof. Ill have to think about daring

What terrifies you?
But seriously, I am afraid of two things, one, I might or might not tell the other is too personal to share with all you fine people

If you were on a deserted island, and you could choose 3 items to take, what would they be?
big fat, thick book the other two will have to be on a as need basis,youll see, when we pack for this trip

Your ultimate intimate dinner party would include which 3 guests (dead or alive)?
Sigmund Freud, my late grandmother, Dennis Miller

How is your physical shape? What do you do to keep in shape?
Im too thin to win!!!!! Im trying to gain some lbs, its kinda hard, because I have a high energy level , but i look much better with a little moe weight on!!!!

While looking at a person’s profile, following the picture, what are the first things you look for?
Height, weight, birthday,smoker, drinker, kids, in that order

What else should we know about you?
Im afraid there is alot you should know about me, for your own safety, but your going to have to work for that information

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