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Welcome to GefilteFishing is a fun dating site for Jewish singles who seek other Jewish Singles. Find your Jewish catch here!
Offline zoomastogina101
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Mark Up  OR  Mark Down is a fun dating site for Jewish singles who seek other Jewish Singles. Find your Jewish catch here!

in these
About me
Age 25 Marital Status Single
Gender Male Has Children No
Location Tampa, FL Birth Date June 3th
Height 5’9” Born/Raised VA/Tampa, FL
BodyType Toned Would you date someone with children? Maybe
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual Ethnicity / Race: White / Caucasian
Religion: Atheist Occupation: Prefer not to say
Looking for: It depends Sign: Peace baby!
Color of eyes: Dark brown Color of hair: Brown
Style of hair: A unique style Looks: Above average
Live in: Street Corner Lives: With Pet(s)
Education level: I’m a student of life Annual income: Mind your own business
Sense of humor: I’m sarcastic In shape? I could be in better shape
Importance of religion: Anti-religious Goes out: Three or four times a week
Longest relationship: A few months Sex is: Important
Drinks? Frequently Smokes? No
Considers self: Not religious Keeps Kosher: No, never
Goes to Temple: Never
I’m Seeking
Gender Female Age 18-35
Who lives up to 50 miles away Marital Status It’s not important
BodyType Petite, Proportional, Perfect, Extra padding, Toned, Hard body, Thin, A tad overweight Height It’s not important
Jewish singles
Jewish singles
Jewish singles

Honest, Sensitive, Creative, Procrastinator, Sexual, Witty, Intuitive, Sarcastic, Loyal, Curious, Stubborn, Irritable, Argumentative, Direct, Ethical, Self-conscious, Critical, Reserved
Tell about yourself – your personality, lifestyle, etc.
You could call me a hippy or freak. You could call me a tree-hugger or commie. You could call me a slacker, or even a poser and elitist. All these things would be partly true, but none of them describe me. I try as much as possible to be myself and not conform to any social ideal. I am passionate and idealistic about art and social reform. I am an aspiring musician. I want to travel across the country and the world with just my dog and my guitar. I want to put an end to hunger, war, and discrimination. I want to learn to appreciate each moment of life instead of living in constant desire and regret.

What kind of person are you interested in meeting?
Anyone I date must be absolutely honest and communicative. I would like to meet someone who is kind, caring, smart, attractive, sarcastic, open-minded, and a little wild. It’s a plus if you’re into music and literature, not too religious, and politically liberal. Also, I love artists, and I love tattoos and piercings.

What sort of relationship would you like at this point in your life.
My immediate needs are for companionship, affection, and sex, but of course I’m always looking for that girl that I might want to spend the rest of my life with. All the evidence says that she probably doesn’t exist, but I try to stay optimistic.

Which is your favorite Jewish holiday? How do you like to observe / celebrate?
I like the holidays that involve social gatherings and cultural events, like Purim, Hanukkah, and Passover. It bothers me that most of the holidays are celebrating a military triumph, but I don’t focus on that while celebrating. I like to skip the praying and go straight to the fun stuff, like food. There have also been a few times when Yom Kippur was very important to me because I was feeling guilty about how I had treated someone and the Bible passages inspired me to be a better person.

How important a role did Judaism play in your life growing up? And now?
I was never very religious, and after my bar mitzvah I became steadily less religious, until finally you have the atheist that you see before you. However, I feel that Judaism is very valuable as an ethnicity and culture, and I want to help preserve our culture and history.

What are your favorite things to eat (or what do you like to cook)?
Of course I love plenty of non-Jewish foods, but in the Jewish sphere I like gefilte fish with horseradish, potato latkes, matzoh ball soup, knishes, a nice corned beef and pastrami sandwich with Goulden’s mustard, and bagels with cream cheese and lox.

Have you ever visited Israel? Describe your travels / experience there.
I almost went a few times, but my parents were too afraid that I’d get killed.

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