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CoupleFishing is a dating site for swinging couples seeking sexy fun.
Offline JeepStudd101
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CoupleFishing is a dating site for swinging couples seeking sexy fun.

in these
About me
Age 20 Marital Status Single
Gender Male Has Children No
Location New Boston, MI Birth Date June 29th
Height 6’1” Born/Raised New Boston
BodyType Muscular Would you date someone with children? Maybe
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual Ethnicity / Race: White / Caucasian
Religion: Prefer not to say Occupation: Engineering
Looking for: It depends Sign: Cancer
Color of eyes: Blue gray Color of hair: Dirty Blonde
Style of hair: Short straight hair Looks: Above average
Live in: House Lives: With roommate(s)
Education level: Some college Annual income: Mind your own business
Sense of humor: I’m very funny In shape? I’m in good shape
Importance of religion: I have my personal spirituality Goes out: Three or four times a week
Longest relationship: A few years Sex is: Very important
Drinks? Socially Smokes? Rarely
We are / I am: Male seeking a couple
I’m Seeking
Gender Female Age 18-27
Who lives up to 100 miles away Marital Status It’s not important
BodyType Petite, Proportional, Perfect, Toned, Hard body, Thin, A tad overweight , Voluptuous Height less than 5’9”
couples & swingers
couples & swingers
couples & swingers
couples & swingers
couples & swingers
couples & swingers
couples & swingers

Honest, Determined, Blunt, Humorous, Happy to be alone, Creative, Leader, Sexual, Dominant, Witty, Intuitive, Persistent, Impulsive, Enthusiastic, Sarcastic, Confident, Loyal, Curious, Stubborn, Direct, Self-critical, Aggressive, Independent, Imaginative, Stable, Social, Self-controlled, Strong Will-power
Activities / turn ons:
Threesomes, Couple swapping, Hot tubbing, Blindfolding, Bondage, Discipline, Sensual massage, Role playing, Videotaping, Watching porn together, Playing with food, Phone sex, Cyber sex, Kinky dress-up, Oral sex, Spanking, Mutual masturbation, Regular sex, Anal sex, Sex outside, Orgy, Sex in public, Other
Tell about yourself – your personality, lifestyle, etc.
Let’s see…I like doing pretty much everything…I am very open minded, and I have been exposed to many many things. Chances are, if you have something to talk about, I can relate. A!M is AnoveCass – that’s how you’ll find out who I really am…

What kind of person are you interested in meeting?
Like I said, I’m open minded. Whether it be just friends or just fantasy, I’ll be interested.

What sort of relationship would you like at this point in your life.
A good one.

Describe specifically who / what you would like to find on CoupleFishing.
Right now just checking out the scene…perhaps some internet contact and then maybe some real-life stuff…we’ll see how it goes.

What do you most enjoy doing with your partner(s)?
I like to explore. Here’s the thing though – most people don’t understand what I mean by that, and I have no good way of explaining it in text, so if you can’t figure it out, you’re not for me.

Have you (or your partner) ever been with more than one person before? Tell about your experiences.
Ahh yes, I’ll tell you about it later though…

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest, how daring are you? Explain.
Let’s just say my wild side far exceeds my good side 🙂

Name some of your all-time favorite music / movies / TV / books.
Well, I love ALL music…if you went in my car right now you would find country, rap, rock/alternative, metal, and electronic…I simply hold a respect for music itself…I used to play drums, but now I’m simply too busy…as for TV, I like sitcoms, and I LOVE Simpons, Family Guy, and Reno 911. Movies…anything that gets your mind going, any type of gangster/organized crime movie, and I have a thing for movies that involve drugs…

What type of work do you do? Do you enjoy it?
I am currently a Mechanical Engineering student, and used to work as one until I was laid off. Now I own a small automotive customization business in metro-detroit. I just got my bartenders license a few months ago, but I haven’t gone out and tried to get a job yet…hah

What do you enjoy doing for fun?
I do a ton for fun…like I said, I am very open minded, and have already tried a lot of things… I play ice hockey, pool, football, lacrosse, paintball, snowboard, wakeboard, kneeboard, flatland-freestyle bmx, if it’s sports, I do it. Other things include sex, off-roading, dirtbiking…well, you get the idea…I do everything.

What do you hate doing?
I hate going to the doctor/dentist, I hate dealing with my ex, I hate dealing with stupid people, and I hate waking up after being out all night doing stupid stupid shit.

Tell about where you grew up or where you are from.
I was born and raised in SouthEast Michigan…Half the year I live in New Boston (SE MI), the other half I live in Flint, MI. I also spend a good part of the summer in northern Michigan…I get around.

Do you have pets? Tell about them.
Heh…well, I have a Dalmation (Lady), Two Snowshoe Siamese cats (Mao and Sobe), a Japanese Bobtail cat (Aiko), Four scorpions, and a pac-man frog.

What would you say is your best virtue?
My best virtue would have to be my ability to get along or at least relate to anyone….talk to me and you’ll understand (which is also why I can sell anything to anyone 🙂

What was the most daring / wild thing you have ever done?
I have so many stories it’s sickening. I should be dead or in jail by now. Ask if you’re really interested…

What terrifies you?
I don’t like needles, and I don’t like aliens. That’s about it. (however I do like piercing…odd…to be more specific, I hate shots…hah)

If you were on a deserted island, and you could choose 3 items to take, what would they be?
Screw that, I’d just start swimming…

Your ultimate intimate dinner party would include which 3 guests (dead or alive)?
TOUGH QUESTION – I would have to say my grandfather on my dad’s side (died before I was born), Jesus himself (I like a challenge…), and…hmmm…Quentin Tarantino

How is your physical shape? What do you do to keep in shape?
I am in good physical shape – I play a lot of sports and keep myself quite busy. I’ve been falling behind a bit lately on exercise, but sooner or later I’m gonna go on a diet and start working out regularly again…

While looking at a person’s profile, following the picture, what are the first things you look for?

What else should we know about you?
You should know that I will always suprise you.

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