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Online ThaProducer101
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About me
Age 18 Marital Status Single
Gender Male Has Children No
Location Spokane, WA Birth Date February 20th
Height 5’10” Born/Raised Claremont, CA
BodyType Muscular Would you date someone with children? Maybe
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual Ethnicity / Race: White / Caucasian
Religion: Christian / LDS Occupation: Entertainment
Looking for: It depends Sign: Pisces
Color of eyes: Green Color of hair: Brown
Style of hair: A unique style Looks: Above average
Live in: House Lives: With my parents
Education level: High school Annual income: It’s not important
Sense of humor: I’m sarcastic In shape? I’m in good shape
Importance of religion: Moderately religious Goes out: It varies
Longest relationship: A week Sex is: It comes, it goes
Drinks? I never drink! Smokes? No
I am: Open to anything Sex music: None
Safe sex: Always. Safe sex is important. Bed wear: Boxers
Talk dirty in bed? Say anything! It drives me wild!
I’m Seeking
Gender Female Age 18-25
Who lives up to 100 miles away Marital Status Single, Separated, Divorced, Widow(er)
BodyType Petite, Proportional, Perfect, Toned, Hard body, Thin, Voluptuous Height It’s not important
My main photo
My main photo
My main photo
My main photo
My main photo

Honest, Jealous, Sensitive, Determined, Diplomatic, Humorous, Happy to be alone, Creative, Shy, Procrastinator, Leader, Sexual, Submissive, Witty, Intuitive, Generous, Persistent, Communicative, Enthusiastic, Sarcastic, Talkative, Loyal, Curious, Stubborn, Self-conscious, Self-critical, Insecure, Independent, Reserved, Optimistic, Imaginative, Stable, Social, Self-controlled
Turn ons:
Sensual massages, Deep tongue kissing, Oral sex (giving), Oral sex (receiving), Talking dirty in bed, Having my neck kissed, A woman’s scent, Watching others having sex
Tell about yourself – your personality, lifestyle, etc.
I can be really intense when it comes to music. And a bit of a perfectionist in some things :). But over all I feel that im a genuwinely nice person who cares a lot about others.

What kind of person are you interested in meeting?
I’ll know when i meet her 🙂

What sort of relationship would you like at this point in your life.
i dont know, nothing serious, im going on my mission soon 🙂

Describe in detail who or what you would like to find on HornyFishing.
I needa find me a womans! 🙂 no really…just some fun.

Describe your hottest or most romantic fantasy.
being in love.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest, how daring are you? Explain.

Describe in detail what drives you wild in bed.
hell if i know, im a virgin

Have you ever had sex in front of other people? Describe the experience.
yes many many many times…..did i not just say i was a virgin

Name some of your all-time favorite music / movies / TV / books.
Tupac, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews Band, Biggie. Movies: A Beautiful Mind, Matrix, Lord of the Rings. Books: LOTR Series, Tom Clancy Novels, and Robert Ludlum novels.

What type of work do you do? Do you enjoy it?
For my current work situation (ha, i sound really smart) i’m a pizza maker! 🙂

What do you enjoy doing for fun?
Hanging out with friends, playing video games with friends, going on dates…..making out… just jokin (ive never kissed a girl before)

What do you hate doing?
Chores…does anyone like doing them?

Tell about where you grew up or where you are from.
Southern California! 🙂 what else is there to say? It was a small town but it still felt big because in california one town goes right into the next 🙂

Do you have pets? Tell about them.
A dog, 2 cats and 11 chickens….(we had 12 but ones head got eatten)

What terrifies you?
Dying alone. 🙁

If you were on a deserted island, and you could choose 3 items to take, what would they be?
Book of Mormon, Bible, and a boat 🙂

Your ultimate intimate dinner party would include which 3 guests (dead or alive)?
Jimmi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, and Tupac

How is your physical shape? What do you do to keep in shape?
soccer, weights and jo mamma 🙂 just jokin! 🙂

While looking at a person’s profile, following the picture, what are the first things you look for?
What kind of morals they have and if they are overall a good person.

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